Life can be a challenge at times.

Things are so very different these days, not only for the world but also for each individual person in it.  You might have been feeling anxious for a while or you might be feeling stressed and you’re not too sure why. Or you might not be feeling quite the way that you wish you did. You might even have been putting up with feeling that way for a while and enough is enough and now you want to do something about it.

Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond whatever dark hole we find ourselves in and  talking to someone about how you are feeling might not have be something you have been thinking about.  The idea of seeing a hypnotherapist might never have occured to you. You might not even know the way a hypnotherapist works or how they can help you with the situation that you find yourself in.

When you are not feeling quite right, your mind might look for ways that it can protect you from these feelings. And this might result in other behaviours that aren’t totally helpful to you, such as over eating, drinking, drugs, self-harm, sabotaging relationships etc etc. And of course, in the long term these really do not help and can actually cause other issues themselves that just add to the problems you are facing.  Ultimately you need someone to talk with that understands all of that and someone who can help you overcome whatever it is stopping you being happier, more content, confident and possibly most importantly, achieving your full potential.

The next step.

It all starts with a free, initial consulation.  It might sound a bit scary but it gives us a chance to ‘meet ‘ each other, and the time to discuss why you feel that you need our sessions and for me to be able to tell you whether I feel that I will be able to help. And like the sessions themselves it happens online using Zoom.  No therapy is done in this session, although several clients have said that even at this stage they have started to feel better having had the chance to talk things over with me.
And there is absolutely no obligation to go on to book any sessions but if you do, then that is the next step.

It is important to me that you feel comfortable throughout the whole process, right from the start. Please, if there is anything you want to ask at any point, please do, how to contact me is in the next section.  The whole point of our work is to move you from where you are now, forwards in a positive direction.

To arrange your FREE inital consulation

You can contact me in various ways

Phone, call or text,  07799 017097, if I am unable to answer your call please do leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.

Email – 

Message through my Facebook page