Would you like to be more relaxed, calm and spend less time worrying about the future?

Lets be clear, to be stressed is not an illness! There seems so much around these days and so many people you meet will tell you that there is something in their lives which is stressing them. Ask any teacher, or NHS worker , the list could be endless and the majority of them will say their work is stressful. Now lets also be clear on this point, I am not offering to take all the challenges away for you, life without challenges may well become boring !! but rather can help you learn to manage your response to these things rather than them managing you.

There is a danger and you might already be aware of this that some people can find ways of coping with their stress that do not help them in the long term, such as smoking, drinking, eating etc and these can give them other problems rather than just the effects of stress itself.

The benefits of dealing with stress better.

This might well sound a bit over the top but these are all true. You will be healthier. People with high stress levels tend to have high blood pressure, be overweight, and at a higher risk of heart disease. You will be allowing your immune system to function as it should rather than having to deal with the physical effects of stress. You will enjoy life more as your relationships improve as you become less snappy and more tolerant. Your life goals become more manageable as you improve your mood and energy levels.

Could you learn to deal with stress better?

It can be so destructive, living with stress and it can affect you on a physical as well as mental level. It is a word that you hear so so often that it seems so commonplace. Yet we all know that stress can be so tiring and can affect so much.

Whilst some stress can be good and make us perform better and work harder to meet that deadline, too much can interfer with how we work, and can cause sleeplessness, an inability to study, to remember, can cause skin problems as well as making us short tempered and prone to heart disease.

Is this an end to the negative side of stress?

Hypnotherapy and the other techniques I use combine to form a set of the most powerful tools to combat stress and its many effects. It has many advantages over other approaches such as being completely natural, easy to learn techniques and a whole integrated approach that helps you live your life the way you want to live it. Now that should be really good news!

Causes of stress

Stress is caused by the fight or flight response being triggered and that causes adrenaline and cortisol to be released into your blood stream and the other effect is that extra glucose is also released. Living with a body, if you like in a state of high alert, like this will cause you to feel unhappy, probably drained and a bit on edge to say the least.

Learn to relax

If what I have been describing sounds like you, do not despair, I can help you identify and re-evaluate the responses you have to your stress triggers, and after teaching you some relaxation techniques I can also help you to learn a more relaxed attitude throughout your life.

Yes hypnotherapy can really make a big difference to the way you are feeling now and might well be the answer that you have been looking for.