Are you living with a Phobia?

Having a phobia can effect your life in many ways and you’re not alone as almost 10% of the population suffer from one or more phobias. And most of them do not do anything about it!

There are so many different phobias including

  • Spiders  –  Arachnophobia
  • Heights –  Acrophonia
  • Snakes  –  Ophodiophobia
  • Flying  –  Aviophobia
  • Dark  –  Nyctophobia
  • Enclosed spaces  –  Claustrophobia
  • Needles  –  Trypanophobia
  • Germs  –  Mysophobia
  • Diseases – Nosophobia
  • Social situations  –  Sociaphobia
  • and so much more…

Had enough?

If you have had enough of living with your phobia and are now ready to let it go, you will find that by using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques you will be free of it sooner than you think.

Analytical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to help identify the initial cause of your phobia which you may well have completely forgotten about because it happened many years ago and then once we have found what is at the bottom of your phobia we can release the impact that it is has over you.

Amy’s story

Amy came to see me before going to Africa and wanted to overcome her phobia of snakes. After two sessions she went and sent me this picture.


Thats what you might call success!