Exam Support

I don’t know if you feel it but every year there seems to be more and more pressure to do well in exams, whether these be school or college ones.

Memories tend to be most readily available when you are in the same state as when we do your revision, which is why somethimes it is hard to remember something in the exam and as soon as you get out you remember it.

Exam Stress

Students can experience an increase in worry, stress, even panic attacks which all hinder the preparation process, but the good news is that hypnotherapy can really help to ensure you and your preparation gets back on track.

Being successful in an exam is not just about the 2 – 3 hours you spend in the examination hall it is about how you get there, it is how you plan and revise and your whole mental attitude and approach to your work.

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined make an ideal apporoach to help you achieve your best results and can help you keep focused on your goals and the best way to achieve them.

Your Exam Success

I have to tell you that I am also a qualified teacher so I really understand the pressures and the variety of strategies that can make such a big difference to the way you prepare and complete your exams.

Even if you have struggled with exams in the past, you will find my whole approach to exams and the preparation for them a very different experience.
So if you are got exams coming up I am confident that I can help you plan your preparation and to help you feel positive about the forthcoming events.