About Stortford Hypnotherapy

You might be looking for a hypnotherapist that is entirely supportive and non-judgemental. A hypnotherapist with whom you can work on the changes that you wish to make. If you need to learn a new way to do things so that you can make a change. You might want to be happier and more content and confident and possibly most importantly, to achieve your full potential. These are some of the many reasons why I believe that coming to me will be a really positive experience and one that you will considerably benefit from.

What to expect

Unless you have been to a clinical hypnotherapist before you might be wondering what actually happens in a typical session, and if you have been to one before you might be wondering what makes Stortford Hypnotherapy different!

Well it is important to me that that you are at ease and feel you can ask anything. The only silly question is the one you have and don’t ask. The whole point of your session is to move you from where you are now forwards in a positive direction.

So at the start of your first session it is likely that we will do some initial relaxation techniques before we deal with any issues you might want to raise. We might then use an EFT technique that you will be shown to release any anxiety you have concerning issues in the past. Then, typically. we will do a whole body relaxation which is a real favourite amongst our clients. NLP techniques maybe used after that to help you imagine a new changed and improved future before we go into the hypnosis part of the session which by now you will see as a natural progression from the work we have been doing up to this point.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

If you have not heard about NLP before it is a fantastic way to look at the way our minds are programmed and by using various techniques it is possible to look at issues, make positive changes quickly and efficiently as well as provide a suitable coaching methodology.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or tapping as some people know it is an example of an energy therapy that seeks to restore the energy flow in the body by releasing the emotional components of our ailments.


About Me

My name is Paul Jarvis BA Cert Ed HBE DIP HYP Dip Acc Hyp(Distinction) GHR Reg GQHP NLP(practitioner) EFT(practitioner) and I am a qualified and insured clinical hypnotherapist.

I am deeply committed to the work I do and I feel very priviledged to be in a position where I can help people find the solutions that they are looking for. I find it most rewarding when clients realise how much they have improved for themselves.

I have experience of dealing with a large variety of problems which people have to deal with in life. As well as being a qualified hypnotherapist, I am a NLP licenced practitioner (NLP is largely what Paul McKenna and Derren Brown do) an EFT practitioner (tapping). I also have qualifications in Counselling Skills for Development of Learning, Education and Business and Adminstration. I am continue to improve my skills by undertaking various research projects and I am currently exploring the therapeutic importance of the inner landscape .

I was born in Norfolk but have been living in Essex now for 24 years. I am married and have two grown up  children. I enjoy playing golf which I took up after being successful with horse driving trialing with my own 13hh Welsh pony.